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Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Aerate My Lawn?

Aeration should be performed at least once per year on most lawns. Lawns with compacted soil or with high clay content would benefit for two aerations a year.

How Many Lawn Treatments Should I get in a year?

You should treat your lawn Early Spring, Late Spring, Summer, and Fall. 4 treatments a year. Some will go as many as 6 treatments a year depending of the lawns conditions but the average is 4 treatments a year.

How Often Should I have my Lawn Mowed?

To keep your lawn looking its best year round, weekly mowing is advised. Increasing the time between cuttings will result in more overgrowth and weeds especially in the Spring and Summer Months. If your lawn is long and overgrown, dont mow it down all at once, this will put significant stress on your grass and create a potential for dead grass.

What Height Should My Grass Be?

Mowing your lawn creates stress on the grass blades and roots, so your grass will need time to recover after each mowing. Never cut more than one-third of the grass blade height. Most grasses are kept at 3.5" and 4" grass heights.

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